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Welcome to the CodePlex project for WAPL (Web Application Project Libraries)

How It Works

Getting Started

This project's aim is to develop additional library functionality for the Web Application Projects ( Visual Studio 2005 extension. Allowing developers to quickly compile web libraries of UserControls, Pages and MasterPages.

It currently consists of two main parts,
  • A post-build tool which compiles UserControls, Pages and MasterPages files for a web library project and merges them with the files compiled as standard. Creating a single assembly file of everything that is needed for the web library.

User controls can now be added to your pages as if they were custom controls (i.e. not referenced using a filename but with the class name). Currently I haven't found a way of getting them to appear in the tool box (with them being UserControls), but you can add them manually in the HTML.

Due to the nature of and the way it compiles the files there are issues with how class names need to be set up.

When using the WAPL Tool with Windows Vista you may need to run Visual Studio as Administrator otherwise you will have problems with access being denied to your own assemblies.

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